Bariatric Treatment Chair Features

Bariatric Treatment Chair


  • When reclining, a downward movement of the backrest maintains the headrest position
  • Backrest height adjustment means optimal support can be achieved for all patient heights
  • The leg rest extends when being raised to avoid sliding between leg and cushion
  • The low seat height of 500mm makes it easy for all patients to be seated
  • Unique side mounted powerful hydraulic rams can raise the seat to 1000mm for standing treatment.
  • Welded steel construction
  • Hydraulic drive on vertical movement and electrical linear drives on all others
  • Battery 24v and Power supply delivering 24v 110v charging
  • Headrest is Manually adjustable
  • Tested to 1000lb (454kg or 71st)
  • Seat width 800mm
  • Seat max height 1000mm
  • Foot switch, fixed buttons and IR remote
  • Extent of motion – horizontal
  • Rated capacity 454kg
  • Mobile on ball casters
  • Low power switching with relay control