Dental Equipment for Handicapped Dentistry


Wheelchair Lift for Special Care Dentistry

Our wheelchair lift for handicapped dentistry is all ready and packed to go to Piedmont North Carolina. This item of dental equipment is part of a surge of demand in the USA. This wheelchair lift is part of the range of Bariatric chairs and dental chairs that Design Specific manufacture. This unit has black upholstery and black trim on the main unit to suit the clinic in which is to be used. The colour scheme was selected from a range of over 50 that can be supplied at no extra cost but we can do particular fabrics for an additional charge. Paint colours and trim are at no extra cost and compliment the dental office design chosen.

Design Specific are committed to a personal visit to make sure the installation is all working well and to train the staff. From receipt of order to ready for delivery took only seven days.

Handicapped dentistry and bariatric dental equipment are the core of our business. The items have been created to answer a particular problem and to make the lives of the clinical staff and the patients better. The ability to treat wheelchair patients by reclining them in their wheelchairs avoids all the lifting and risky transfers. This makes the whole process no more difficult than treating able bodied persons. Improving outcomes and reducing times pays for the equipment over and again.

Quality Matters

A matched set of operatory equipment is good. Clinic spaces are no longer just functional they are becoming spaces where design is more than just functionality. The clinical spaces must be equivalent to, or better than, the standards of accommodation that could be expected in the normal home, why should it not be so? It is a measure of the quality and care taken in all things that the medical facility undertakes. Matching colours on the equipment purchased, probably from various suppliers, really does make a statement – we like that.

Richard Fletcher  CEO.