FAQ’s Bariatric Bench

The Bariatric Bench – Frequently asked questions

  1. Can it be used on its own? No, it is used as an accessory to the Compact Wheelchair Platform. It turns the wheelchair recliner into a wide seat that can be tilted backwards.
  2. What is the weight Limit? The weight limit is the same as the Compact Platform that supports it. It is tested to 850lb (390kg) but the recommended user weight is 660lb (300kg)
  3. How wide is it? The arms are 32” (812mm) apart wide enough for the largest patient. We do supply side cushions to reduce the width to make the fit more ‘snug’ for others.
  4. How do you fix it to the Compact Platform? The platform has rails fitted to the inside faces of the platform and the Bariatric Bench has a similar pair the slide underneath them. This firmly fixes the Bench to the Platform and makes the two parts work as one.
  5. Can it be used as a clinic seat? The Bariatric Bench can be used as a seat but it is prone to tip backwards. We advise that a pad we can supply is fixed to the wall to lean the bench against.
  6. What sort of patient can benefit? Large patients do not consider themselves as disabled and a seat large enough for them to walk to and sit in treats them as normal patients. It is a matter of dignity and self confidence.
  7. What colours can I have? A full range of colours are available to match both the Compact Platform and the room in which it will be used. Special fabrics can be sourced.
  8. Why buy one? Because it makes economic and clinical sense. The Bariatric Bench extends the use of the Compact Platform to take a whole different set of patients. The equipment finds a greater use and a better return on the investment. The treatment times for disabled and bariatric patients will come down dramatically and an estimate of the repayment period has been estimated at 18 months. The provision of adequate seating for large patients means that they are comfortable and more relaxed during treatment.

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