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The Compact Bariatric Dental Bench

An economical solution for walking bariatric patients and an
invaluable bariatric chair to add to you Compact Platform.

Bariatric Bench

The Bariatric Bench is for those heavy patients able to walk but cannot be accommodated on conventional dental chairs because of their weight and size. The chair is a removable seat added to the Compact Wheelchair Platform and changes the platform into a wide dental couch with full seating support including an adjustable footrest. The chair can be stored whilst on the platform or separately taking the minimum of floor space. It is simple to load and fix in position. The Compact Bariatric Bench provides an economic solution to the provision of bariatric facilities combining the heavy lifting capabilities of the Compact Platform with the need for economic use of space. The equipment creates a fully flexible space uncluttered by fixed heavyweight couches.