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The Bariatric Treatment Chair

UK patent GB1319685.2

The Bariatric Treatment Chair is a comprehensive solution to the treatment of both bariatric and average patients for procedures in dentistry, ENT and podiatry. It includes many original features to enhance treatment, handling and comfort for both clinical staff and patients.

Designs for bariatric patients demand special consideration. Generally bariatric patients are movement restricted. To assist when reclining, a downward movement of the backrest maintains the headrest position. The backrest height adjustment also means that optimal support can be achieved for all patient heights. The leg rest extends when being raised to avoid sliding between leg and cushion. The low seat height of 500mm makes it easy for all patients to be seated and the unique side mounted powerful hydraulic rams can raise the seat to 1000mm for standing treatment. The strong integral support arms can be used as a full load support and assist in patient movement and recovery.
   The Bariatric Treatment Chair is rated at l000lb (71st) (454kg) with a seat width of 800mm for the extreme cases of obesity and with the additional armrest extension cushions is also a good option for average patients and for children when a child seat is used.
    The design includes an Infra Red remote control, foot switches and fixed switches on the unit to give the greatest flexibility of use. The Bariatric Treatment Chair can be raised in integral ball castors for movement within the surgery space or into other areas and can be rotated on ball castors to achieve the operating position.