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and recliners in the world.

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Full Function Compact Shifter Base Bariatric Bench Comfort Bariatric Treatment Chair Universal Headrest



Workshop at design specific
Workshop at design specific

Why buy from us

Design Specific products are very practical, they are easy to use and are fully capable of taking a full range of patients from children to bariatric adults. They are the only wheelchair recliners that can be folded to reduce floor space.

    You would expect the best products for your patients and staff. We are the only company in our field that have achieved MEDICAL directive status. Anything else is just a mechanical handling device.
    The organisations below have tested and authorised our products for sale as a medical device. This is an essential requirement of many health services including the NHS.
    We build the products with precision in our own factory where our quality control and production processes have been rigorously tested to ISO 9001 standard.
    We are proud of our reputation for service and integrity and welcome feedback from both staff and patients.


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