The True Cost of Special Care Dental Treatment

The Cost of Special Care Dental Treatment.

What are the Data?

The cost of special care dental treatment is not readily available. This is especially the case in commercial operations and health businesses. The UK Health Service does publish its building costs and estimates as well as the running costs. But ..the Scottish National Health Service has published some very interesting information.

  • The average consultant lead out-patient visit including all staff and buildings is £139 ($194)
  • The average nurse lead out-patients visit including all staff and buildings is £51 ($72)

Looking at savings in treatment costs firstly we look at the time savings on treatments that specialist equipment can bring. Treatment improvements are not included.  The Treatment of wheelchair patients can be excessive in handling times. For example, hoisting a patient into a dental chair takes approx. 20mins on and off and treatment times can easily go to 1hr. Using shuffle boards or other devices add risk as well as time so the best we can do at this time, without a detailed study, is to make a few educated estimates and see if the gains when using Wheelchair Tilting Platforms are marginal.

So What are the Treatment Times?

Load times without specialist equipment, such as a Compact Wheelchair Reclining Platform can be 20mins but with a Compact it is equivalent to able bodied times. In the case where a reclining platform is used we take the cost data as given but without we have to make an adjustment upwards. The additional load time will certainly be 30% of the total cost possibly more as three people may be involved some with specialist hoisting certificated training.

So let us estimate that the increased cost will be $194 +30% =$252(consultant led)   $72 + 30% = $94(Nurse led)

The cost of a Compact Wheelchair Platform is approx. $24,000

Savings per use $252-194 = $58 (consultant led)

No of treatments to save the purchase price 413

Estimate a minimum of 10 treatments/week(low estimate),  40 weeks to pay back. this is within the warranty period.

So Why Wait?

Every treatment without a Compact Wheelchair Platform is costing money that can be used in other ways, so why not start saving now!!

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