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Design Specific branches out to Australia

Visit to Australia Townsville Queensland – James Cook University

In February 2017 the Design Specific team visited Australia Townsville Queensland – James Cook University. JCU Dental is a not-for-profit organisation and all monies received are reinvested in the training of the future dental workforce.They have been using our medical devices for over4 years. We visited the dental clinic to train new staff in use of equipment and ensure all were confident in the use of this. We pride ourselves in our aftersales service with our customer support team.

Project Outback Dental’s new Bariatric Chair

project outback dental AusttaliaWe also visited Australia Townsville Queensland at the innovative Project Outback Dental. Project Outback Dental (POD) Pty Ltd® is North Queensland’s first private mobile dental practice. Driving inland via the Overlander’s Way, Outback and rural communities can trust us in bringing much-needed quality, timely and affordable dental services without having to travel hours to see a dentist.The project is a dynamic private clinic of young Doctors owned by lovely couple Dr Garret Robles and Dr Mary Ann Palma Robles who took delivery of their first unit and were proudly the first private clinic in Australasia to have our installed our equipment.

Customer Service at the University of Adelaide Dental School’s

New Bariatric dental chairIn April 2017 we were back in Australia this time in Adelaide at the University of Adelaide. Adelaide Dental School’s reputation for outstanding teaching, research, contribution to the community, and quality of graduates, has been built over a proud history of nearly 100 years.

We doubled up on tasks here as they had recently purchased a Compact Wheelchair Platform with a Bariatric Bench plus accessories and a New Building is near completion.

Our existing Full Function Wheelchair Platform required to be moved from the old building into the new building. This required specialist equipment to lift the unit out of the floor recess and transported to the new building then lowered into the pre-constructed floor recess.

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