Happy Customers at Northern Health and Social Care Trust Ireland

dental hospital IrelandThe Design Specific team have been busy installing new dental chairs and wheelchair tippers in Northern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. We are so pleased to have been able to help the specialist dental unit to ensure accessibility for patients with mobility problems. A new five surgery dental clinic was opened in Ballymena Health and Care Centre during 2016. This is a purpose built clinic with specialist x-ray facilities and specialist equipment to treat patients in their own wheelchair.

Our products are specifically designed for bariatric patients receiving dental, ophthalmic and podiatry care. Do you have difficulty in transferring patients in your surgery and need to use hoists? If so we have the ideal solution in the form of our bariatric conveyance chair and wheelchair tipper. Read the latest Bariatric dental chair review from our happy customers at the healthcare trust.

The Design Specific wheelchair tipper and bariatric bench provide some solutions when providing dental treatment for patients who are wheelchair users.  Previously these patients were transferred to the dental chair using a hoist.  The hoisting  process can be problematic and takes additional time .

Wheelchair patients largely prefer  to sit in their own chairs, and find the tipper preferential to hoisting , it is a safe option and decreases manual handling for dental team.  The dentist also has better access  though there are constraints as there are no hydraulics and therefore no height adjustments .

Regarding the bariatric bench, it provides a safe option for providing dental treatment which before was not available.  Patients find the bariatric bench comfortable and the dentists have reasonable access. We have had positive feedback from both patients and carers.  We feel it has enabled our team to further develop our services to wheelchair and bariatric patients

  • Maeve – Northern Health and Social Care Trust

The Trust use both pieces of equipment on a daily basis in their specialist hospital dentistry unit, and although there are minor constraints, they say they could not run their services without the tipper / bariatric bench.

If you are looking for solutions for your specialist hospital dentistry unit take a look at our new improved bariatric chair designs and get in touch!