Shifter Base FAQs

FAQ’s for the Shifter Base designed to move dental chairs across the dental clinic

  1. How does this change the dental clinic design? Normally a fixed chair is at the centre of the space and it is difficult to get any other device or trolley in. The shifter base makes it possible to move the dental chair and release the centre space for a wheelchair recliner, treatment trolley or special transfer chair. With the light, x-ray and delivery unit focussed on a single point in the clinic the required support device can be moved into the space as required. One clinic for wheelchair patients, bariatric patients or able bodied patients and the change takes less than a minute.
  2. How does the shifter base work with a dental chair ? The dental chair is fixed to a moveable base. This base has pneumatic pods that can be used to lift the chair by about 15mm. These are pumped up using the clinic supply. The chair can now be moved on the ball castor units and lowered by releasing the air pressure.
  3. Will my dental chair tip up if I do not fix it to the floor? No. It is the case that most dental chairs are not fixed to the floor in any case. The Shifter Base has extended ‘wings’ to make sure this never happens.
  4. What weight will it carry? The minimum weigh that it can lift is 600lb (280kg) but eight pod bases lift twice that.
  5. How easy is it to push the dental chair around? It is a one-person operation. The chair itself will have some inertia, and it is best to lean on it to get it moving but the friction when moving needs less that 55lb (25kgf) within the suggested limit.
  6. Can I get one for my dental chair? We do a range of bases for common chairs but we add new design as necessary. The designs seek to fit around the base shape of the chair so that they look part of it and do not look like a badly fitting add-on.
  7. How long does it take to fit? The Shifter base can be fitted within the hour; the organising of the air supply may take longer. We can take the supply from the dental cart using a plug-in hose or make a connection to the compressed air circuit. If a point can be arranged during the surgery design process all the better.
  8. My dental chair has services through the floor is this a problem? Yes. Fixed service points mean that the chair cannot be moved. It is often possible to extend the services though a flexible conduit to allow limited local movement. This can be used to give extra space for a Compact Wheelchair Recliner for instance. The best solution is to have floor, wall mounted delivery unit or a delivery cart
  9. Do I have to use a cart? No. Cuspidors and delivery units can be mounted on wall mounted arms or fixed directly to the floor.