Shifter Base

The Shifter Base makes dental chairs movable

The Shifter Base is  a fully mobile dental platform device designed specifically for wheelchair patients that can also support heavier bariatric patients. Create a flexible working space in your dentistry clinics, move your conventional dental chair easily to open the space. The need to have x-ray, lights and services in the correct places relative to the patient is paramount for efficient treatment.

Companies that design, manufacture, repackage, relabel, and/or import medical devices into the United States are regulated by FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). The Shifter Base is a low profile medical device that fits under a conventional dental chair so that it can be moved away allowing other equipment to be moved into place. Perfect for Geriatric dentistry, or geriodontics. These devices may include wheelchair platforms, recliners or trolleys. The Shifter Base moves easily across the floor and will raise and lower the chair. Great care has been taken not to compromise the stability of the dental chair.

The fixed devices in clinics such as x-ray, lights, and services determine the optimal location in the clinic where treatment can take place. The presence of a fixed dental chair prevents other wheelchair platforms or trolleys from occupying the space and being in the best location. Normal dental, or treatment chairs, can be moved using the Shifter Base provided no ‘through floor’ services are attached. Designs to suit various chairs are available.

Video Demonstration

Dimensions and Features

  • Low profile unit, it only adds 8mm to the chair working height
  • Low lift to prevent feet and finger traps
  • Low friction ball castors for easy movement
  • Creates a flexible clinic space
  • Quick changes to clinic layout
  • Easy fitting
  • Complete stability of the dental chair
  • Pneumatic independent suspension to avoid floor damage
  • Modular design gives flexibility to suit a range of chairs
  • Air pressure control contained within the Shifter Base to compensate for any supply pressure variations
  • Lift capacity in excess of 480kg
  • No warranty problems for not fixing the base to the floor



Shifter Base Data Sheet PDF

Download Shifter Base Data Sheet PDF

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