Universal Headrest

The Universal Headrest

The Universal Headrest is for those difficult dentistry cases where the head of the patient is not presented centrally yet still full support. The Universal Headrest can be moved sideways and the pad rotated to the correct position.

After prolonged use of wheelchairs the users often adopt seating postures that place the head to one side. Some patients have spinal problems such as Kyphosis that results in the head not being in alignment with the spine making treatment with a central head support impossible. The Universal Headrest provides a solution to this problem. The upholstered headrest can be moved sideways to a suitable position for the patient and then be rotated to orientate the cushion for best support. It will accommodate all patients and is used as an additional item for use with either the Compact or Full Function Platforms. The Universal Headrest and Standard Headrest are interchangeable in a few seconds.

Within the disability groups serviced by the dental services there exists a substantial proportion of patients who have spinal of other conditions that lead them to adopt a head position that is not central. In addition given that these cases may also be the most severely disabled the combination leads to considerable difficulty.

The Universal headrest is able to adopt any angle by virtue of its universally jointed headrest pad and take up any lateral position by sliding the headrest along a curved support bar. When adjusted to the correct position it can be locked in place. The headrest pad has a profiled surface to give full support to both head and neck, this is seen as most important in this especially compromised group of patients. It is not intended that the Universal Headrest should be for general use but to be fitted as required by removing the conventional headrest.

Video Demonstration


  • Easily fitted to the Wheelchair Platform
  • Makes almost impossible patient cases treatable
  • Uses the profiled head and neck support headrest cushion
  • The headrest pad is fully articulated
  • Full range of lateral motion possible
  • Easily operated thumb screws to lock all moving parts in position
  • Machinery Directive compliant
  • Fully CE and FDA compliant

Download Universal headrest Data Sheet PDF