A removable seat that can be added to the Compact Wheelchair Recliner, to change the platform into a wide dental couch.

Bariatric treatment made easy

The Bariatric Bench is an extremely versatile addition to your clinic when used in conjunction with a compact platform. The Bench is a well-constructed and robust solution, allowing you to treat bariatric patients without the need for cumbersome industrial fixings or components.

Efficient use of space

Designed to be an innovative solution for the provision of bariatric facilities, combining the heavy lifting capabilities of the Compact Wheelchair Recliner with the need for economic use of space. The bench can be stored on the platform ensuring that it takes up the minimum of floor space.

    For use with the Compact Wheelchair Recliner

    Aluminium aerospace alloys

    Wide seat that can accommodate all patients

    Adjustable back and headrest support

    Full soft tissue support

    No installation or building works are required

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download the product spec sheet

More information and full technical specifications are available in our Product Specification Sheet