Bariatric Podiatry Bench

A comprehensive solution for the treatment of both bariatric and average weight patients in the dentistry, ENT and podiatry sectors.

The complete bariatric chair solution

The Bariatric Podiatry Bench is for overweight and obese
patients able to walk but cannot be accommodated on
conventional Podiatry chairs because of their weight and size.
The chair is a removable seat added to the Compact
Wheelchair Recliner and converts it into a wide Podiatry
couch with full seating support. The chair can be stored whilst
on the recliner or separately taking the minimum of floor

Well considered design

The Bench is a well-constructed and robust solution, allowing you to treat bariatric patients without the need for cumbersome industrial fixings or hoists. The Bariatric Podiatry Bench is very easy to slide into position on the Compact Wheelchair Recliner and it is equally as easy to remove and store it when not being used. The leg rests are motorised for ease of positioning the patients leg and foot with deep cushioning.

    Storage in a small area

    Moveable, eliminating the need for a fixed heavy chair unit

    Full soft tissue support

    Wide seat that can accommodate all patients

    Adjustable back and headrest support to accommodate all patients heights with optimum comfort

    Removable cushion pads for cleaning

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download the product spec sheet

More information and full technical specifications are available in our Product Specification Sheet