Bariatric Patient Chair

What is a bariatric patient chair?

bariatric patient chair are (bench or treatment table) specifically designed for people with weight issues. “Bariatric” means products that are created for obese individuals to best suit their needs. Hospitals and dental clinics often use bariatric seating to provide patients with more room and comfort.

A bariatric patient chair is heavier, wider, and has larger armrests than other chairs. Our specially crafted products offer both ease and comfort, while also being able to assist and aid bariatric patients as well as offer support for medical practitioners. Perfect for those who need extra support.


The specific needs of bariatric patients.

The unhealthy weight of bariatric patients is commonly referred to as morbid obesity. Their body weight is more than double what it should be for their height and sex.

The obese population is growing in the UK and USA, and this group is disproportionately represented in their use of health and social care services.

Greater patient management and safety.

The fact that bariatric patients are larger in size means that their needs are not the same as most patients. The greater the dependence on mobility a patient has, the greater the risk of injury for those providing care. Speciality equipment and space are needed to provide safe care require adapting the regular room environment. The rising number of bariatric admissions is a continuing challenge for healthcare facilities who must provide dignified care that is both effective and safe for patients and providers.

How do bariatric patient chairs work?

bariatric patient chairs work in much the same way as ordinary treatment chairs, with a few exceptions. The most important thing they provide is more space and support for the user. These chairs are important because they are wider than traditional treatment chairs and this provides more room to stretch out the legs. The armrests are taller, providing more room to stretch out the patient’s arms.

Transporting Patients

Our assortment of bariatric benches and chairs are are wheelable and easy to move from A to B. This makes it possible for nurses and staff members to provide care without having to move the patient.

 bariatric patient chair are also available as recliners to enable patients to get up from the chair unaided.


Saving Valuable Space

Due to individual factors, including the lack of space and equipment for safe care, treatment and transportation, manual handling of obese patients presents a challenge. Our range of products take up the minimum of floor space, can be folded away and maintain patient comfort. All our product have internal batteries for operation meaning there are no trailing wires to consider.

Suitability/Use Cases

  • Dentistry
  • ENT and podiatry sectors
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor Surgeries
Highest Quality Manufacturing Standards

Our bariatric patient chair are made from durable materials that can withstand a patient’s weight. The construction of the chair is based on a welded steel frame. The chair, which is available in a multitude of colours, is equipped with ball casters and adjustable levelling options. Our bariatric patient chair are designed for clinical, medical, or dental uses.

Bariatric Treatment Chair

The Bariatric Treatment Chair is a revolutionary solution in the treatment of bariatric and non-bariatric patients alike, in both dentistry and podiatry. It includes several features that improve treatment, handling, and comfort for both clinical staff and patients.

It delivers a seamless solution for bariatric patients. By adding a chair to your clinic, you are providing a service for patients with a lightweight and portable solution. Bariatric equipment seamlessly integrates with other equipment, making it an extremely versatile addition to any facility. The bench is well-constructed and robust; meaning you can provide care for larger patients without the need for permanent fixtures or bulky equipment. The design of our equipment takes into account the fact that bariatric patients’ movement can be more restricted than in other cases. The headrest provides optimal support for all patients by remaining consistent in position when reclining. As the patient is raised, both the leg rest and backrest extend to prevent sliding between the cushions and feet. The treatment chair features a padded, contoured seat with an adjustable backrest, allowing you to sit comfortably and position yourself optimally to treat the patient.

The chair is sturdy and highly durable. This product is constructed with high-density foam padding and high-quality welded steel frames. The seat adjusts to ensure both perfect fit and maximum user comfort. By raising and lowering the chair, the patient is able to sit in a normal position. This makes sure that all patients are treated precisely and comfortably. The chair being lightweight and compact makes transportation and storing simple. Clinics should invest in a Bariatric Treatment Chair. If you are looking for a bariatric patient chair for your own medical practice, or if you are looking for one to use in a hospital or other healthcare facility. We offer a wide selection of Bariatric Treatment Chairs at great prices, and our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Key Features

  • The seat has a width of 31.5 inches.
  • Seats that are less than 19.7 inches in height do not meet the minimum requirements.
  • This chair has a maximum seat height of 39.4 inches.
  • Sliding between leg and cushion can be prevented by extending the leg rest while raising it.
  • The lower seat height of 19.7 inches makes it easy for all patients to be seated.
  • Unique side-mounted powerful hydraulic rams can raise the seat to 39.4 inches for standing treatment
  • Strong integral arm supports can help patients move and recover by being used as full load support.
  • If you need additional armrest extension cushions, we have them available.
  • Suitable for use with child seats.
  • Low working height and foot-operated switches create a workspace that is adaptable for all patients.


  • Construction workers welded the steel.
  • Ball casters that can be retracted make it mobile.
  • Motions backrest, footrest, rise and fall, backrest height.
  • Hydraulic actuators on vertical movement and linear drives for horizontal movement on all others.
  • Battery powered, 24v.
  • Charging 230v or 110v.
  • Command input footswitch and hand remote.
  • The capacity is rated 71st, with 1000lbs.

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Bariatric Podiatry Bench for Sale

This comprehensive solution handles both bariatric and average weight patients in the dental, ent, and podiatry sectors. The bariatric podiatry bench is specially designed for use in combination with the our compact wheelchair recliner, the chair is a removable seat that can be added to the compact wheelchair recliner.


It changes into a wide podiatry couch with full seating support. The chair can be stored on the recliner or separately to take the minimum floor space. The bench is a sturdy and durable design for treating heavy patients without the need for expensive fixtures or complicated assembly.

Easy to slide the bariatric podiatry bench onto the compact wheelchair recliner and just as simple to remove and store when not in use. The leg rests are motorised to assist in positioning the patient’s leg and foot with extra cushioning. Do you need a bariatric podiatry bench to help improve your foot care practice? The benches we have are designed to fit patients of all sizes, and there are many features included to help you give the best care possible.

Key Features

  • Storage in a small area
  • Keep the storage depth and width at 24 inches when moving.
  • The width of the seat is 31.5 inches.
  • By using the motor, you can make adjustments to each leg independently.


  • Compact storage in a small area.
  • A moveable, lightweight chair eliminates the need for a fixed chair unit.
  • Optimal soft tissue support
  • A seat that can accommodate all types of patients without difficulty.
  • The back and headrest support on this chair can be adjusted to accommodate patients of all heights comfortably.
  • Patients get on the chair as they would a normal chair.
  • No need for installation or construction work.
  • Easy to clean and antimicrobial.
  • Cushioned surfaces.
  • Can easily be moved from room to room.
  • Tested at 71st or 1000lbs.
  • Aerospace aluminium alloys.

Bariatric bench for sale

The bariatric bench is for those heavy patients able to walk but cannot be accommodated on conventional dental chairs because of their weight and size. By adding the removable chair seat to the compact wheelchair recliner, it changes into a wide dental couch with full seating support.

The chair can be stored separately from the recliner to take up the minimum amount of floor space. The bariatric bench, when used with a compact platform, is a versatile addition to your clinic. The bench is the perfect solution for treating bariatric patients without the need for cumbersome industrial fixtures or parts. The bariatric bench, which is able to be used in combination with the compact wheelchair recliner, is a removable seat that can be added to provide you with a dental couch.

The bench was made by experts, so it is a much sturdier and reliable option for treating bariatric patients without hoists or other cumbersome equipment. It’s a cinch to slide the bariatric bench into place on the compact wheelchair recliner, and just as easy to take off and put away when you’re done. If you are in need of a bariatric solution that gives you roomy comfort but also conserves space, this bench is designed for you. It can be stored on the platform, ensuring its minimal footprint. Our benches are designed to support your weight and help you stay comfortable. You’ll find the bariatric bench you want.

Key Features

  • Use this product with the compact wheelchair recliner.
  • Aluminium aerospace alloys.
  • A wide seat that can accommodate all patients.
  • Adjustable back and headrest support make this compact wheelchair recliner even more comfortable.
  • Total support for soft tissues.
  • No installation or building works are required.
  • Moveable, eliminating the need for a fixed heavy chair unit.
  • By adjusting the back and headrest support, this chair accommodates patients of all heights with optimum comfort.
  • Normally, patients would use the chair like this.


  • The seat width is 31.5 inches.
  • The seat is wide enough to accommodate all patients.
  • Fully adjustable backrest for custom comfort.
  • Tested to 825lb, 59st.
  • Aerospace aluminium alloys.
  • Surfaces that are both cushioned and antimicrobial, and easy to clean.
  • Can easily be moved from room to room.

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Compact wheelchair recliner.

The perfect solution for patients confined to their wheelchairs, this compact wheelchair recliner can accommodate both manual and powered designs. Seating clinical staff during treatment makes it possible to be both convenient and have ease of movement.

When in a reclined position, it is easier for both the staff and the patient to be comfortable. The compact wheelchair recliner is designed with our bariatric bench, universal headrest, and bariatric podiatry benches in order to assist clients who use wheelchairs. We’ve designed this recliner to be small and efficient in more ways than one.

it’s also easy to move, thanks to its integrated compressor, which can be controlled by hand with no external power required during use. and because it has an internal rechargeable power supply, there’s even less clutter around the chair itself. The recliner can be fitted with an innovative ‘cradle form’ backrest and an adjustable head/neck support. It moves on concealed, extendable ball castors and glides very easily because of its smooth finish. The recliner also has easy-to-clean surfaces thanks to the contours that allow for easy wipe down cleaning during use.

Key Features

  • Accommodates manual and electric wheelchairs.
  • Reclines to 50 degrees.
  • Wide entrance for easy wheelchair positioning.
  • You can fold this for easy storage.
  • Rises on ball castors for easy movement.
  • Width works with our bariatric bench.
  • The dentist will be positioned on the left or right side while treating you.
  • Fully adjustable backrest accommodates all wheelchair models.
  • Open front with a wide entrance for easy access and wheelchair positioning.
  • This item can be folded away for easy storage.
  • Rises on ball castors for easy movement – can fit through any standard door.
  • The storage height of 22 inches enables it to be stored under a standard countertop.
  • This bench is the right width for our bariatric patients.
  • When the backrest is folded down, the storage floor area is 40.5″ x 24″ and the height is 22″.
  • To construct aircraft, a lightweight metal is used.
  • Lowers during treatment to the floor for stability and elimination of any floor damage.
  • Order your vinyl storage cover today.
  • Operate this device without any trailing wires and with a battery for an entire shift; it can be charged overnight.
  • Clean surfaces that are easy.
  • Weight capacities – tested to the 71st degree or 1000lbs.
  • To supply a hydraulically operated, computer-controlled backup battery pack.

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Transport and Treatment Chair

The transport and treatment chair is an easy-to-use, drive assisted chair that allows you to move patients without much trouble – it can recline for podiatry, dental and ophthalmic procedures.

The seat being low makes access easy, and both armrests can be removed independently if required in order to make the transportation of clients simpler. The transport and treatment chair, specifically designed for heavy patients, can be extremely helpful because it takes away the problem of having to walk long distances or struggle with treatment facilities.

Key Features

  • The chair will recline to 45 degrees when you use the electric drives.
  • Castored wheels make positioning easy.
  • The leg rest is extendable and can be raised or lowered electrically.
  • A motorized drive assists in easily transporting heavy patients.
  • Regular foam or pressure-relieving foam can be used for upholstery.
  • The armrests come off easily one at a time.


  • No more than 1000lbs, 71st.
  • 31.5 inches or 39.4 inches are the width options.
  • Is reclined to 45 degrees by electric drives.
  • Operations such as dental and those related to the head can be done in this position.
  • This item is fully castored for easy positioning.
  • In full compliance with the CE medical directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Our product is fully compliant with emc bs en60601-1-22007 and is safe to use..
  • Having a high medical standard is important.

  • Design specifics under ISO 7955 QM8001.
  • If you’re looking for a leg rest that you can extend and lock, this is the perfect option for you.
  • The electric power rises and falls to give a position suitable for podiatry.
  • Motor drive assist to help transport heavy patients with ease.
  • You can use the drive or retract it.
  • You can get fully profiled upholstery in regular foam or pressure-relieving foam.
  • All surfaces are covered in antibacterial paint and upholstery.
  • The armrests are strong to allow patients to manipulate their position.

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