February 2021 Issue – Page 28/29


Design Specific regularly export around the world with the US being our biggest market’ accounting for over 20% of sales in 2019. A focused marketing plan in the US saw a 60% increase in volumes and accounted for 32% of all sales in 2020. Our financial plan for the year ending March 2021 was to continue this growth but with lockdown our exports stopped.

Our staff are all excellent engineers, we decided to invest this freed-up resource to work on new product development and improvements to our existing machines. The development of a new Bariatric Bench began. This would allow Podiatrists to treat patients, in their wheelchairs, in the reclined position providing access to all parts of the foot. The first prototype machine was completed in September and sold to a medical clinic in October. Alongside this, a major redesign of the Compact Wheelchair Recliner was undertaken to make the machine simpler and cheaper to manufacture and a prototype is in development.

This period has taught me that during these difficult times it is often easier to stop and not make the effort to push on, but pushing on pays off. And, of course,that our most important assets are our people.

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