March 2022 was very busy in the US for John Walters, the Design and International Marketing Executive for Design Specific, where he had visited 4 US States on business to potential and existing clients. This is part of our aftersales service to ensure all staff are fully trained and that everyone is fully confident of our equipment.

Johns first port of call was in Washington DC the first week of March visiting Government Veterans Affairs (VA’s) sites, Hospitals and Universities from Baltimore and down to Virginia Beach seeing some interesting views in his ‘Road Trip’. See images below:

Virginia has a multitude of Community Health Centers and VA’s also that would benefit from having Design Specifics special care dental equipment. John visited many of them. Some knew of their equipment and are looking for funding for this. Design Specific offer special lease plans in order for their clients to purchase the equipment easier.

John also met up with Design Specifics Product Dealer in Virginia Beach who have suitable warehouses to store Design Specifics equipment. Phil Hurni from Defense Venture Holdings have a good working relationship with John having sold their equipment in the past and hopefully many more into the future. This image is of John Walters with Phils Ford F350 pickup truck. He liked it a lot.

Design: At some point while John was back in Washington DC, there was a Design requirement that came up and John had prepared his laptop PC with software that was able to run his CAD PC back in the UK office couple to a 50” TV in his hotel room, he made some designs for the Dental Chair product the ‘ShifterBase’.


At clients site Terry Reillys Canyon Dental in Nampa, they recently took delivery of their new Design Specific Compact Wheelchair Recliner and Bariatric Bench and John spent the morning training their team and meeting with Heather Brown from Delta Dental who generously provided the funding for the equipment.

John also drove from Boise to Jerome for the same event with Family Health Services Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic. They also proudly took delivery of their first Compact Wheelchair Recliner and Bariatric Bench with the Universal Headrest. Dr Brooke Fukuoka (red top pics below) who owns the clinics has been applying for this equipment since 2016. Again Delta Dental has generously provided the funding here also.

Dr Brooke and her team proudly exhibiting their new Design Specific Compact Wheelchair Recliner and Bariatric Bench at Family Health Services Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic in Jerome, Idaho.



In and around Denver Colorado, business potential and existing for Design Specific is good so much time was spent there. Universities, VA’s and CHC’s were visited by John to broaden the client base.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless in Stout Street, Denver

Health District of Northern Larimer County, Fort Collins, Colorado

University of Colorado

John on Bear watch around Denver, it turned out the bears were on the watch for John.

Finally, as Design Specific Equipment is distributed throughout the USA and the rest of the world, each site then becomes a benchmark for Handling Special Needs Patients then the word get around each area which sells it for us.

Image above: Denver Downtown with the Rockies in the Background

Our next Design Specific ‘mission’ is the SCDA (Special Care Dental Association) in Columbus, Ohio on May 5th-7th where we will be demonstrating the Compact Wheelchair Recliner and Bariatric Bench. There is an opportunity at the show to have our equipment at your clinic on appraisal term of 3 weeks so that you can be sure that this is the correct equipment for handling special needs patients.

We hope to see you there.

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